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unique  celebrity baby names

When it comes to names there are a lot of options for parents to choose from. The reasons for a certain choice of a name are only known to the parents and can be revealed by them when asked.

Some of the most unique and unusual baby names that we have had have come from celebrities. Nowadays celebrities name their children in such a unique way that people usually think it’s very unusual.It is the very same celebrities that will shock you when you realise they have an addiction to Online Casino Canada.

Kaori mai

The famous comedian Kevin Hart has a daughter with Eniko Parrish named Kaori Mai. The name originates from japan meaning strength or fragrant. Hart has joined the list of those other celebrities with weird baby names.


From hearing of the name ones, the mind rushes to August. August is one of those names that most celebrities have given their children.

Such celebrities who have used this unique name include the famous actress Mandy Moore and her husband Taylor goldsmith. The name is also popular in the British royal family.


The name which is derived from the flower known as the daisy is one of the popular celebrity baby names. In 2020 the famous singer Katy Perry and husband Orlando bloom name, their daughter Daisy.


The famous musician ed Sheeran and his wife welcomed their first child and decide to name her Lyra. The name means lyre harp in Greek.

The inspiration behind the name might be that the father is talented when it comes to playing such instruments as the guitar.


In 2020 there were a lot of celebrity babies that were born. This spiked the interest of the audience to see which celebrity would come up with the best unique name.

The famous Dj Khaled was not left out on the list as his wife gave birth to their second child named Aalam. The name according to the father means the world in Arabic.


The popular Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson welcomed their third child named birdie. This is one of the rare and unique baby name derived from the word bird.

This is not the first time the fans have heard of such a baby name of a celebrity baby. There is also Birdie Leigh who is the daughter of Maura west.


This is one unique name with Greek origins. The name is also part of the list of the top baby names in the world. The famous chef and cookbook author dean sheremet and fiancé Vanessa Black named their first son atlas.

All of these celebrity baby names have been attracted people and some even wonder why the celebrity would name their child that. What puzzles most people is the inspiration.