personality and and names
personality and and names

Naming a child can look easy but it is wise for people to think through the names they want and then get to know their meaning. this is a very important part of one’s life because when it comes to the names that we have they are what we identify with. Studies have also revealed that your name can have an impact on your personality though it is not always the case.


In the world that we live in people are coming up with certain names that are very unique.

It is not always the case but sometimes some people who are given such unique names are also unique in a way. This will show that the name is best suited to the persons character traits.


Usually where we come from is easily identified with our names. The personality that you show reflects upon your background and your culture.

Therefore this means that the names that some people have been known to be originating from a certain group which is known for the culture and its traditions.

Such names have a huge influence on the personality of the person. However, that is not always the case some of the names people have, have nothing to do with where they come from, just like when someone chooses to play online pokies Australia it doe not mean they come from Australia


When parents pick a name for their child they will probably be looking for an attractive name. This is not always the case when it comes to the bearer of the name.

However, for some, they can match up with their name depending on how their parents become an attractive person.


The decisions you make you might not notice it but in some case, the decisions that people make are influenced by their names.

Taking for example when one is setting up an account for an online casino game one might put a user name that is influenced by their name.

Even when choosing the clothes and colours that one wears you might choose something related to your name in some way.


Names are not usually what shapes one person and do not determine one’s personality and character. In some cases yes they may help in shaping someone to become who their name say but in such cases, it is the parents who will have played a role in moulding their child to become what their name says.