Top baby names in 2021 and their meanings

top baby name
top baby name

In the past, there used to be so many common names that so many people would have. Their meanings as well were quite simple but with time there are so many unique names that people have come up with. Their meanings and inspirations are also related to the current trends.


The name mia is one of the most popular names that most babies are being given. It has a long history starting in the 90s and up to now, it remains one of the top names given to girls.

The name has various meanings which include queen, mine and ocean goddess. according to research, the name originates from the name Maria which is in the bible as well.


The name has French origins meaning free. The name is one of the most popular names given to girls ins the world with it finding a place in the royal family of British after being given to Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Its male version is Charles.


The English name has its origins in the united states of America. Leriel is a name given to boys meaning the light of God.

Most parents give their babies this name being inspired by its meaning. the name became popular in 2018.


The name mason originally from Italy and France means one who works with stones. The name can be given to both girls and boys.

However it is most common in boys with one boy named mason being a child of a celebrity from the Kardashian family, the name is doing so well on the list of top names.


The name Olivia said to be one of the best names for girls means an olive tree. It’s a name that originated in England during the 13thy century.

An alternative for boys is the name, Oliver. The name is popular with it being a name to some of the popular people ranging from actresses to novel writers.


This is one of the names that have a long history of being popular in the 18th-century when King George the second named his daughter Amelia. its popularity has grown over the years which has seen it as one of the most preferred names for girls. The name means work.


The name simply means blessed and happy. Its origins are rooted in the old testament since it is a Hebrew name. Back then the name was common in boys only but with time it’s now being given to girls as well.

When it comes to baby names it is up to the parent to choose which name they like but in most case, people name their babies because of the currents situations they will be in or they can draw inspiration from someone popular who has the name as well. The belief that some names are not best suited for girls or boys is the same belief that some people have when it comes to playing Online Casino Aus that it can not be suited for a specific gender usually females.