Unique and rare baby names and what they mean

unique names
unique names

As a new parent, you might probably be wondering what name should I give my baby when h or she is born.  Most parents give the names depending on the circumstances they are in but for some, they feel the name of their child should be unique and not a common one. Here are some of the rarest and unique names you can consider.


This is one of the pretty names that can be given to a baby girl. The name is of Irish origins meaning light. it’s also one of the unique and rare baby names that not so many parents can pick.

Usually, the parents who choose this name are inspired by religion. The name is also involved with the number 7 which is a number known to be spiritual.


The name is of French and Hebrew origins meaning God has favoured me. In simple terms the name means grace. From its meaning, you can actually see that it is of a religious nature.

The name is also one of the names that can be given to a girl. The name became popular in France because of the famous actress Anouk Aimee.


The name is given to boys. It’s also one of the rare names one can choose to give their baby. Aero is of Greek origins meaning of the sky.

This one of the names that you will rarely see on the popularity list of names because of its uniqueness, not so many people is familiar with it.


The name originates from Ireland meaning a pledge or a promise. Its great inspiration is love.it is also said that the name was actually spelt as Harlan meaning hare land originally from a place known as Harland.

the name was first established in the 18th century and since then it has been in use just that there are not so many people with name in the world.


This is one of those names that are inspired by nature and its seasons. The name simply means a flower and is best suited for girls. Just from the way it is written it is evident that its origins are from France.

It also becomes popular in the television series harry potter. However, it was one of those unique names that not so many people likely to pick.


One of the rare pretty names that girls are given. The name is of Latin origins deriob=ved from the pastel purple colour found on the olive plant.

There are so many unique names that as parents you can choose from and avoid repeating names that already exist in the family. It is best that as the couple expecting the child you choose the name on your own so that you are not given ideas that you do not like by others. The way one even gets to choose which site they want to play their online casino games is just how you also choose a name depending on which one you like more. on an online casino site, you may like Online Casino USA or any other.