Why people give their children biblical names

biblical baby names
biblical baby names

Child naming is one of the most important stages of parenthood. The name that you give your child reflects upon your character and personality.

It also shows the way of life that you lead as a parent. Most religious families opt for religious names usually those that are found in the bible. these are some of the reasons why parents give their children biblical names.

Religious beliefs

You find that in most cases the children that are given biblical names might be because of the religious beliefs of the families they come from.

Most Christian families prefer naming their children after the people from the stories in the bible. The reason for such is that some of them believe that their children will grow up with the attributes of the person in the bible.

Therefore most of the biblical names that people tend to take are those of the famous people in the bible who are popular for their good deeds like Esther.


The names in the bible are known for their significant meanings. We see that most of the names were given to people after a situation has happened.

The same is being done nowadays. When p[parents overcome certain situations in their lives they usually name their children with a name in the bible that nears the meaning of the situation.

It not always about the situations sometimes but just them like the meaning of the name. some names have meant that speak volumes upon one’s life.

Taking for example the name with the name grace as parent name their child with such a name they will be expecting the child to b graceful as she grows.

Some of the names that are given to the children mean that God is with them and most religious families love them because they believe that God will always be with them in their lives.


Parents give their children names that all about praising god either because they believe that it is their belief in God that has made them prosperous in life. in some cases, it is because they just like the name and its meaning.


Some of the names in the bible speak of authority. parents name their children with such a name because they believe that it is God that has power over the life of their child and no other forces will have authority over the child.

Naming a child with such a name is believed to be something to do with the protection of the child.

Generally, the naming of a child with a biblical name has something to do with the religious and spiritual beliefs of a person. However, that is not always the case because some just name their children because they like the sound of the name.